Tropical designs photo art collection

Tropical design collection

A photo art design collection inspired by the tropics and the beach.

Adventure Awaits

New Adventure Awaits design by Upthewall

I want to go back to the tropics! I took photos of the palmtrees in Nicaragua and made this design to match my excitement of the tropical adventures ahead.

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Go Bananas

Go Bananas art by Upthewall

Another tropical design. Nothing says sun and warmth like banana leaves. I get happy whenever I see them, because I know that wherever they can grow, I will thrive too. You can find art prints and products with the Go Bananas design at Curioos, Zippi, Mipic, Society6 and Redbubble.

Green Freedom

Green Freedom design by Upthewall

That feeling of driving down a palm tree-lined beach road in the warm tropics at sunset. Can we ever get enough of that?

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Green Sea

Green Sea web collection by UpthewallThe water in Liguria in Italy is amazing and people always find a way to be near the water somehow. During the first days of my holiday, the deep dark blue water washed up violently against the coastline and pulled back in a thick white swell. It was so beautiful to just watch it from a terrace above. I took several photos to capture the contrasts between the dark water, the white waves and the black beach below.
Find prints and products with the Green Sea design at Society6, Curioos and Mipic.

Jungle Life

Jungle Life design by Upthewall

Back to the tropics again! It’s time to go for a walk in the jungle. I miss walking among the lush green plants and the warm sun on my face. So I made this design to take me right back there again.

Find prints and products with the Jungle Life design here at Mipic, Redbubble, Society6 and Curioos.

Jungle Squares

Jungle Squares web collection design by Upthewall

I love these green lush plants and wanted to multiply them as soon as I saw them in a small town in Mexico. I turned it into this grid of jungle squares.

Find prints and products with the Jungle Squares design here at Society6, Zippi, Curioos, Redbubble and Mipic.

Pineapples All Lined Up

Pineapples All Lined Up design by Upthewall

I did a design earlier in pink with these pineapples lined up, but I wanted to make a green version too and to also add some more details to it. I like to work with plants, greens and fruits that give me a tropical vibe and a feeling of summer. I want to be transported to a warm beach immediately. And of course, pineapples do that all the time!

This is the new version of ”All Lined Up” and it’s available in my shops at Mipic, Curioos, Redbubble and Society 6.

Tropical Vibes

Tropical Vibes design by Upthewall I first made this design in Nicaragua in light green and pink color, but as I am now all about natural colors like green, grey, beige and white, I decided to give it a remake and try it on a dark teal background with the pinapples in beige. The design is available with the one pineapple and text, and also with multiple pineapples with or without text.

As always, you can find prints and products with the three different versions of this design at Curioos, Redbubble, Society6 and Mipic.

Twin Palms

Twin Palms by Upthewall

Palm trees always take me back to a warm beach. These majestic trees symbolize freedom to me, probably because I am often on holiday when I see them. And I want to see them more often! That’s why I turned them into art and put them up on the wall here in my Scandinavian home.

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