Plants and greens photo art collection

Plants and greens collection

A photo art collection of leaves, cacti, fruits and other greens.

Green Leaf

Green Leaf single design by Upthewall


I just have to keep making art from whatever nature provides. The simple beauty of a single leaf can be turned into a minimal piece of art in itself or a pattern in different colors.

Find prints and products with the Green Leaf design at Society6, Curioos and Mipic.


High Five

A cactus high five might be painful, but some minimal and encouraging wall art is great for the soul! And for our homes, of course. This simple design goes well with any home decor style. And there is always room for more greens.

Find prints and products here at Curioos, Society6, Zippi and Mipic.

Leaves Of Teal

Leaves Of Teal design by Upthewall

All of my designs are so green now and full of leaves, flowers and plants, I can’t even remember where I found this hedge of leaves. But I wanted to work on the color and turn it into green and teal in different layers that would make it look almost like a pattern, rather than a single image.

Products and prints with the Leaves Of Teal design are at Mipic, Society 6 and Redbubble.


Mixed Fruits

This simple image shows how beautiful everyday things can be. I love the colors and shapes against the minimalist grey bowl. Mixed Fruits is available as prints and framed prints and as design for notebooks, clocks, tote bags and cards.

Find products with the Mixed Fruits design on Society6


Old Desert Cactus

Old Desert Cactus design by Upthewall

I love cacti in all sizes, shapes and forms. I found this one on a trip through Central America and wanted to make the color tone a natural beige and make the design look like a vintage photograph.

The design is available as art prints and a few other products in my stores at Curioos, Society 6 and Redbubble.


Shine Bright

Shine Bright design by Upthewall

Summertime is the time to shine! Just like the blooming cactus, we should all shine now and try to be the light we are looking for. It’s time for spring cleaning and to update both ourselves and our homes. It’s time to blossom!

Find prints and products with the Shine Bright design at Society6, Redbubble and Curioos.


Walk in Nature

I am obsessed with plants right now! The greener the better. I love the simplicity of this fern growing in a forest in the region where I live. Find prints and products with the Walk In Nature design here at Curioos, Society6 and Zippi.

Wall Of Cacti

Wall Of Cacti design by Upthewall

Another cacti design! I found these cacti in Italy and made a whole wall of them, adjusted the colors and made this collage on a simple warm white background. You can find this design at Society6, Redbubble, Mipic and Curioos.





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