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Into The Green

I am a big fan of green plants and well… just nature in general. It makes me feel like I can breathe again. If I haven’t been out in a green area in a couple of days, I feel irritable and frustrated. Nature calms me down, helps me to be mindful and to feel relaxed and in sync with the environment. I need more greens! This past year, I have brought more and more green plants into my home as well. It’s a new thing for me, as I used to always kill anything that came through my door (no, not animals or humans, just plants and flowers!). Now, I can’t live without my plants and keep buying more and more and bigger and bigger green plants. Actually, I wouldn’t mind if my apartment turns into a jungle one day…

This particular plant is still alive in my home. If you want to take it home as well, it’s available as the design for a whole range of products and prints at Society6 and at Zippi. Go check it out!


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