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New art: Hanging Leaves On Black

I want to keep my home Scandinavian and clean. I almost only have colors like black, white, grey and beige in my decor. But then there is the green…. About a year ago, I became obsessed with green plants. I liked them before, but as I travel a lot I had given up on the idea to be able to keep any plants alive for long. All of a sudden, I felt a need for more plants. I just couldn’t imagine a life without them anymore. So I started filling up my home with all kinds of greens. I do realize though, that I can’t go totally crazy with the living things that actually need my love and attention, given that I am still away several months per year. That is when I started putting more and more greens into my art instead. These sustainable greens are perfect for those who, just like me, love nature and plants, but need to find other ways to have them around. My designs add a discrete splash of green without interfering with even the most minimalistic home. And the design goes on anything from wall art to mugs and towels.

This new design is called “Hanging Leaves On Black” and is available in my stores at Redbubble, Curioos , Zippi and Society6. Click on the links to get directly to the products with this design.


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