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My Scandinavian home decor

Being a typical Scandinavian means my home is all about white, black, grey and beige. It’s minimal, clean and with very few colors or patterns. I have certainly tried over the years to change things up, add some colors and fun details. But in the end, these things always get tossed out again. I want a simple interior design that relaxes me and lets me focus on other things. I want my home to be like a spa for my mind and that means it can’t be too busy or full of clutter.

The dilemma is that it can easily get too strict and boring with all that white. It’s all about finding a perfect balance. I struggled with this for a long time. It was only when I found the power of greens that it all fell into place. I had avoided plants for a long time, as I travel a lot and all living things die on me when neglected for several weeks in a row. But now I have given in to the need for green! My home is slowly becoming an urban jungle and I love it. And when I can’t have plants, I make art with plants. So either way, I get some of that green to create a calming, yet colorful feature into my otherwise beige and grayscale home.

Now I can’t imagine life without the greens. Especially in winter when everything in nature is frozen and gray, I find it to be absolutely essential to have some living plants and flowers inside. I believe that plants have a strong effect on our over-all wellbeing. I feel that they help me breathe, not just the with the literal oxygen they provide, but through the calming and grounding effect that nature has on us.

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Ps. As I travel a lot, you may sometimes also find me in an actual jungle and when that happens you can join me there through my Insta stories.


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