Green plants on black photo art collection

Green plants on black collection

Photo art with green plants, flowers, fruits and veggies on a black or dark green background.

Blossom In The Dark

Blossom In The Dark by Upthewall

Another green on a dark background. This white summer flower emerges from the dark green background to brighten up the decor. A simple print that works well on its own or together with other botanical prints. The design is also available for print on demand on home decor items, such as pillows, coasters and serving trays. Find prints and products at Curioos, Society 6 and Redbubble.


Cool Ferns

Cool Ferns by Upthewall Did you know that ferns are some of the oldest plants on earth? They have been around in different shapes and sizes for hundreds of millions of years. That just makes them the coolest plants in my view! So it’s time we bring them into our homes as well. This design in a cool autumn shade of green is ready to be printed on your home decor and personal accessories.

Find your products at Society6, Redbubble, Curioos , Zippi or Mipic.


Dark Mango

Dark Mango design by Upthewall

Be the light in the darkness! This green mango shines on the black background and brings simple beauty to the kitchen.

Find prints with the Dark Mango design at Society6, Curioos and Redbubble.


Green Geometry and Green Explosion

Green Geometry design by UpthewallEvery design I make comes from nature in one way or another. This design is a mix of photoart and digital design. I work with dark shades and backgrounds to let the green show itself from its best and to let the natural light decide what part of the green to show. The design is available in three different versions; Green Geometry with geometrical shapes and Green Explosion with only the green plant. This design is avaiable in my shops at Society 6, Redbubble, Curioos and Mipic.

Hanging Leaves On Black

Hanging Leaves On Black design by Upthewall As soon as I saw these beautiful green leaves, I knew I wanted to place them on a plain background to make them stand out even more. Even with this faded green color that I gave them, they come alive against the black background.

Find prints and products with the Hanging Leaves on Black design at Redbubble, Zippi, Society 6 and Curioos.


Hiding In The Dark

Hiding In the Dark design by Upthewall

Let’s face it, plants are always great – in the jungle, at home, to bring shade during the day and a soothing atmosphere at night. This photo is from my recent trip to Mexico, where I found these greens that I could just get lost in day and night. I made this piece of the plants hiding out in the dark – as we all need to do sometimes. Hide out in the dark, I mean…

Find prints and products with the Hiding In The Dark design at Mipic, Society6, Curioos and Redbubble.


Pink Lillies

Pink Lillies design by Upthewall Another design with plants on a dark background, but this time, I wanted to add another color to the green. I gave these lillies a subtle and soft pink tone to give a contrast to the greens.

For prints and products with the Pink Lillies design, go to Society 6, Redbubble , Zippi or Curioos.


Simply Green

Simply Green dark design by Upthewall In my own home, I like to keep my decor very clean and minimal. But I do love the greens! This art print does the trick of adding some green, while still keeping the decor simple and beautiful. Just like nature itself! Find prints and products with the Simply Green design at Society6, Zippi, Curioos and Redbubble. This design is available on a dark or white background.

Wall Of Green

Wall of Green design by Upthewall

These green leaves are from Italy and from the moment I first took the photo, I knew I wanted to make a whole wall of them. Here, they are multiplied into squares as well to work on all products and prints.

Prints and products with the Wall of Green design can be found at Curioos, Redbubble, Mipic and Society6.

White Flowers On Green

White Flowers on Green by Upthewall I made a design with these beautiful white flowers a long time ago, but decided that it was time to update them now. I added more flowers to this collage and placed them on this deep forest green background to give the image a nice contrast.

Prints and products with the White Flowers design can be found at Redbubble, Society 6, Curioos and Mipic.



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