Photo art design collections

Photo art collections

I am inspired by my travels and the environment around me and this is the base of all my photo art designs. I love nature’s own creations, such as beautiful trees, green plants and colorful fruits and veggies. I am also stunned by the magical coastal towns of Italy, but get new creative perspectives on all my travels around the world.

You will find links to the current photo art collections below. My designs are available for print-on-demand on art prints a wide range of products at Society6, RedbubbleZippi, Curioos and Mipic .

Green plants on black photo art collection

Blossom In The Dark by Upthewall Dark Mango design by Upthewall Simply Green dark design by Upthewall

This photo art design collection is all about greens on black or dark green backgrounds. Green plants, flowers or fruit that shine extra bright in the dark and look beautiful as art prints with a minimal Scandinavian style or boho home decor. These photo art designs can be found here.

Tropical design photo art collection

Green Sea web collection by Upthewall Green Freedom design by Upthewall New Adventure Awaits design by Upthewall

It’s no secret that I love being close to the sea, especially in the warm tropics. This photo art design collection is all about tropical plants, fruits and beach life. Get that summer vibe going with products and prints from this photo art collection.

Italy photo art collection

Camogli Harbor photo design by Upthewall

Italy is a country I always return to. I just can’t get enough of it and every region, city and town seems to have its own charm. The history, the gorgeous views, the coastal towns, the food, the wine, the coffee…. well, you get the idea. There is no need to convince anyone of the reasons to keep going back to Italy. Anyone who has ever been there will know! This photo art design collection is inspired by Italy and the both beautiful and quirky things I see when I travel around there. Find all the designs in the Italy photo art collection here.

Plants and greens photo art collection

Green Leaf single design by Upthewall Old Desert Cactus design by Upthewall

It’s easy to forget how pretty the things are that nature has created for us. This photo art collection is full of pretty green leaves, cacti, fruits and other gifts from Mother Nature.  Find all the designs in the plants and greens photo art collection here.